Freitag, 4. März 2016

surfing on feelings - a book about my journey

Finally it's here – my book about my time in Maui! I finished 
my study with a very special & personal project which was inspired 
by so many great people and places in the whole world. 


I'm Jenny, a graphic designer from Hannover, Germany. I love
islands, pineapples and I'd rather feel sand than snow under 

my feet. I always had the desire to live by the sea, sun-kissed 
and surrounded by paradise. And yes, I did it and I can tell you, 
it was one of the best decisions in my life.

I worked as a graphic designer with the talented “Hawaii Web Group”

for four months in Maui. Working in paradise on the other
side of the world? Why not? Sometimes you have to be crazy, 

follow your dreams and just give it a try. Otherwise, you will 
never know what could have happened.

In this book I want to show you my journey with all its 

crazy adventures and share my experiences, special moments, 
impressions and thoughts. In doing so, I will show you how 
great the world can be and why you should follow your dreams.

During my different journeys in the past few years I've met so 

many great people from all over the world who deeply inspired me. 
And there is one thing I could discover in all of them: a heart 
full of dreams. This is why I decided that they also have to be 
part of this book. They will complete my personal story in sharing 
their own travel experiences.

If you are interested to read it, write my and say aloha!

Love. Peace. Aloha.