Freitag, 4. März 2016

surfing on feelings - a book about my journey

Finally it's here – my book about my time in Maui! I finished 
my study with a very special & personal project which was inspired 
by so many great people and places in the whole world. 


I'm Jenny, a graphic designer from Hannover, Germany. I love
islands, pineapples and I'd rather feel sand than snow under 

my feet. I always had the desire to live by the sea, sun-kissed 
and surrounded by paradise. And yes, I did it and I can tell you, 
it was one of the best decisions in my life.

I worked as a graphic designer with the talented “Hawaii Web Group”

for four months in Maui. Working in paradise on the other
side of the world? Why not? Sometimes you have to be crazy, 

follow your dreams and just give it a try. Otherwise, you will 
never know what could have happened.

In this book I want to show you my journey with all its 

crazy adventures and share my experiences, special moments, 
impressions and thoughts. In doing so, I will show you how 
great the world can be and why you should follow your dreams.

During my different journeys in the past few years I've met so 

many great people from all over the world who deeply inspired me. 
And there is one thing I could discover in all of them: a heart 
full of dreams. This is why I decided that they also have to be 
part of this book. They will complete my personal story in sharing 
their own travel experiences.

If you are interested to read it, write my and say aloha!

Love. Peace. Aloha.

Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2015

Place with love: Haleakalā Sunset & Stargazing

Yes, you have to do something against the cold ;)

Copyright by Maui Stargazing

Vor einer Weile habe ich schon einmal das wunderschoene Sonnenschauspiel auf dem Haleakala Krater gesehen. (HIER dazu der Post!). Doch dieses Mal ist es etwas anders. Mit Hosen (Hosen tragen fuehlt sich irgendwie falsch an, life is better in hot pants ;)) und Sweatshirts fuhren wir ein zweites Mal der Sonne entgegen, um danach zu bleiben. Ja es ist whaerend des Sonnenunterganges kalt, aber mit dem verschwinden der Sonnenstrahlen ... Sehr kalt. Schrecklich kalt. Antarktis kalt. Auch wenn es gegen unsere (Maui-)Natur spricht, wir trugen Skiwear, Muetzen & Handschuhe. (Und fuer die innere Waerme gibt es ja auch noch andere Mittel ;)) Nach dem spektakulären Sonnenuntergang wurde es Pechschwarz und die Sterne glitzerten aufgeregt auf uns hinab und unsere “Stargazing Tour” konnte beginnen. Ein "aloha-mahalo" Dank an Jan von "Maui Stargazing" dass sie uns diese unglaubliche Zeit ermoeglicht hat und uns mit dem Teleskop unglaubliche Momente bescherte - Planeten, Sterne, Milky Way, Galaxien und so viel mehr! Mein Highlight? Abgesehen von der atemberaubende klare Sicht des Sternenhimmels mit  Sternschnuppen und Milky Way, absolut der Planet Saturn!!! Wir sahen den Planeten so klar und deutlich, dass ich Gaensehaut bekam. Auch ein bisschen creepy. Es war einfach ein einmaliges Erlebnis! Danke liebe Jan fuer diese unvergessliche Tour! Over and out!


A while ago I’ve seen the gorgeous sunset on the Haleakala Crater. (HERE the post!). But this time it’s slightly different. With pants (wearing pants feels kind of wrong, life is better in hot pants;)) and with sweatshirts we went a second time towards the sun in order to stay afterwards. Yes, it is during the sunset cold, but with the disappearance of the sun’s rays ... Very cold. Terribly cold. Antarctic cold. Even if it is against our (Maui-)nature, we wore skiwear, hats and gloves. (And for the internal heat you will find also something ;)) After the spectacular sunset, it was pitch black and the stars glittered excitedly at us down and our “Stargazing Tour” could begin. An “aloha-mahalo” thanks to Jan from "Maui Stargazing" who has allowed us to see incredible moments through the telescope - planets, stars, the milky way, galaxy and so much more! My highlight? Aside from the stunning clear view of the night sky with shooting stars and the milky way, absolutely the planet “Saturn”!!! We saw the planet so clearly that I got goose bumps. Also a bit creepy. It was one of the best experience ever! Thank you dear Jan for this unforgettable tour! Over and out!

HERE are more information bout the "Stargazing Tour" on the top of the Haleakalā Crater!

Love. Peace. Aloha.

Freitag, 10. Juli 2015

Aloha work: Baby Maui
T-Shirt "Dreamcatcher Paia Maui"
Baby Blanket "Maui Life"

Temporary Tattoos "I Love Paia"

Mug "I Love Maui"

Pillow with a happy sea turtle

Greeting Card "Ocean Maui"

Baby Bib "Maui Octopus"

"Allstars" Illustration of the Maui life

Ja was mache ich denn die ganze Zeit, neben Sonne, Strand, Palmen und Meer? Cocktails trinken?:) Auch, aber natürlich bin ich hier her gekommen um zu arbeiten. Viele sind erstaunt, dass in Paia “Hello Hippie Town” eine “echte”  professionelle Agentur sein soll. Ja, es klingt etwas verrückt, aber ist es absolut nicht. (Und ja wir haben schnelles Internet ;)) Ich habe das Glück ein Teil von der Agentur “Hawaii Web Group” zu sein und mit talentierten, lustigen Menschen in einer paradiesischen Atmosphäre zu arbeiten. Der Unterschied zu meinen bisherigen Erfahrungen? Was soll ich sagen, Palmen, Sonne, Meer, Frühstück am Strand und Barfuss arbeiten ... das ist schon ein tolles Gefühl. Alles ist viel entspannter und die Stimmung dadurch auch fröhlicher. Aber natürlich ist die Arbeit nicht weniger professionell als bei uns. Und eigentlich ist es gut tagsüber im kühlen Buero zu arbeiten, als am Strand wie ein Hähnchen zu (ver-)braten ;) 

Mein Hauptprojekt ist das neue Label “Baby Maui” eine Baby-, Kinderkollektion bestehend aus T-Shirts, Kissen, Babylätzchen und vieles mehr mit Illustrationen rund um Maui. Dafür erstellte ich ein komplettes neues Branding und kreierte viele verschiedene Illustrationen, die je nach Ort und Thema angepasst sind. Wie es mir gefaellt? Ich hätte mir nichts besseres vorstellen können, denn wer mein Label “yummydesign” kennt, weiss, dass ich mich mit suessen kleinen Charakteren gut auskenne ;) 

Besucht HIER den “Baby Maui” Online-Shop und klickt euch durch die verschiedenen Kategorien! Und auch fuer uns “grosse” ist etwas dabei ;) 

So, don't worry, be maui!


So, what do I do all the time, in addition to sun, beach, palm trees and the sea? Drinking cocktails? :) Also, but of course I came here to work. Many are amazed that here in Paia “Hello Hippie Town” is a “real” professional agency. Yes, it sounds a little crazy, but it is absolute not. (And yes, we have fast Internet;)) I am fortunate to be a part of the agency “Hawaii Web Group” and work with talented, funny people in a paradisiac atmosphere. The difference compared to my previous experiences? What can I say, palm trees, sun, sea, breakfast on the beach and working barefoot ... that’s a great feeling. Everything is more relaxed and the atmosphere thereby also happier. But of course the work is no less professional than in our town. And actually it is good during the day to work in the cool office than frying on the beach as a chicken ;)

My main project is the new label “Baby Maui” a baby & children’s collection consisting of T-Shirts, cushions, baby bibs and much more with illustrations of Maui. For this I created a complete new branding and created several illustrations that are depending on the locations and theme here. How I like it? I could’t imagine to do something else, because who knows my label “yummydesign”, knows that I love sweet little characters ;)

Visit HERE the “Baby Maui” online shop and check it out! And for us, the “big” ones, is also something there ;)

So, don't worry, be maui!

Love. Peace. Aloha.

Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2015

Place with love: Aloha Surf Hostel

pack a old sheet and use it as a curtain

dream kitchen!

decorate your wall :)

pack a old sheet and use it as a curtain

living room

barbecue place and hot tube for the evenings

get lost everyday

Explore maui! Every day is a new free tour around maui!

Let's go surfing!

Amazing artwork from Gonzo McDonald

3 1/2 months to live in another country is ... long ... short ...? No matter as time passes, you have a new home. My new home is the "Aloha Surf Hostel" in Paia, Maui. Many have asked me why I prefer to live in a hostel with a single bed and 5 roommates in a room? Maui is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Therefore also very popular and incredibly expensive. But who wants to live somewhere in the jungle, far, far away and come back any day in a small room and then ... then what? The hostel life is in his own way easy and just saying ... it's Maui!

Hostel Highlights

>> Deisgnlove <3 Aloha colors and decor!
>> Every morning you get free you pancakes and coffee.
>> You are surrounded by palm trees ... oh yes!
>> Kitchen, bathroom & rooms are CLEAN!
>> Netflix for lazy evenings ;)
>> Pool, soccer & dart
>> Barbecue place
>> Hot tube for whatever ;)
>> Surfboards and another stuff are available to borrow
>> The location! 4 minutes to my work & 7 minutes to the beach!
>> Paia! Mana Foods, great boutiques, restaurants and more!

But .... the most important thing, great and funny people are on your side!

My "survive" advices

>> A retreat everyone needs. Grab the biggest bed and wove a few sheets at the open sides and hello privacy!

>> I know, always these "designer" but yes, we want it "beautiful". You have a free wall? Perfect for a things-I-have-to-do-list or pictures that your morning sweeten for. 
My absolute hightlight: My fairy lights for cozy evenings!!!

>> COFFEE! Buy yourself a bottle and fill it every day with coffee, then put it in the fridge and in the next morning you will have ICED COFFEE!!!

I have decided to live in Maui. I have decided to live in the nature and by the ocean. I just need a bed, because

the little things they make me so happy
all I wanna do is live by the sea
little things they make me so happy
it's good it's good it's good
to be free -- oasis

For more information visit the homepage

Love. Peace. Aloha.