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Place with love: Aloha Surf Hostel

pack a old sheet and use it as a curtain

dream kitchen!

decorate your wall :)

pack a old sheet and use it as a curtain

living room

barbecue place and hot tube for the evenings

get lost everyday

Explore maui! Every day is a new free tour around maui!

Let's go surfing!

Amazing artwork from Gonzo McDonald

3 1/2 months to live in another country is ... long ... short ...? No matter as time passes, you have a new home. My new home is the "Aloha Surf Hostel" in Paia, Maui. Many have asked me why I prefer to live in a hostel with a single bed and 5 roommates in a room? Maui is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Therefore also very popular and incredibly expensive. But who wants to live somewhere in the jungle, far, far away and come back any day in a small room and then ... then what? The hostel life is in his own way easy and just saying ... it's Maui!

Hostel Highlights

>> Deisgnlove <3 Aloha colors and decor!
>> Every morning you get free you pancakes and coffee.
>> You are surrounded by palm trees ... oh yes!
>> Kitchen, bathroom & rooms are CLEAN!
>> Netflix for lazy evenings ;)
>> Pool, soccer & dart
>> Barbecue place
>> Hot tube for whatever ;)
>> Surfboards and another stuff are available to borrow
>> The location! 4 minutes to my work & 7 minutes to the beach!
>> Paia! Mana Foods, great boutiques, restaurants and more!

But .... the most important thing, great and funny people are on your side!

My "survive" advices

>> A retreat everyone needs. Grab the biggest bed and wove a few sheets at the open sides and hello privacy!

>> I know, always these "designer" but yes, we want it "beautiful". You have a free wall? Perfect for a things-I-have-to-do-list or pictures that your morning sweeten for. 
My absolute hightlight: My fairy lights for cozy evenings!!!

>> COFFEE! Buy yourself a bottle and fill it every day with coffee, then put it in the fridge and in the next morning you will have ICED COFFEE!!!

I have decided to live in Maui. I have decided to live in the nature and by the ocean. I just need a bed, because

the little things they make me so happy
all I wanna do is live by the sea
little things they make me so happy
it's good it's good it's good
to be free -- oasis

For more information visit the homepage

Love. Peace. Aloha.

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